Sunday, 18 February 2018

Indian Railways to deploy drone cameras to enhance safety and security

Indian Railways has decided to deploy “Drone” cameras for various railway activities especially project monitoring and maintenance of tracks and other railway infrastructure. This is in-line with Railways’ desire to use technology to enhance safety and efficiency in train operations. Drone cameras shall be deployed to undertake monitoring activities of relief and rescue operation, project monitoring, progress of important works, conditions of track and inspection related activities. They are going to be instrumental in providing real time inputs related to safety and maintenance of tracks and other railway infrastructure. They shall also be used to assess preparedness of Non-Interlocking (NI) works, crowd management during fairs and melas, to identify scrap and also for aerial survey of station yards.

Under this initiative, West Central Railways with headquarters at Jabalpur (M.P) has become the first Zonal Railway to procure Drone cameras in Indian Railways. West Central Railways has already done a trial-run of those cameras on all its three divisions.

Friday, 16 February 2018


Thermal imaging cameras provide the most effective 24/7 monitoring solution available in the video surveillance. Thermal cameras do not need any light to capture high contrast, quality footage and can see through visual obscurants such as dust, light fog, smoke or some foliage. Thermal imaging cameras can see in complete darkness. Thermal cameras do not rely on reflected light at all instead they create images from heat by displaying very small differences in thermal energy as various shades of grey in black & white video.

Regular cameras can be tricked by landscapes in which analogous colors or patterns conceal objects of interest, raising the dangerous possibility of something going undetected. But thermal radiation can penetrate these visible barriers and thermal imaging is largely unchanged by their presence. Deploying video analytics with thermal camera provides a highly effective intrusion detection system, and a reduction in false alarms compared to visible cameras. It is useful for building inspection, military and police target detection and acquisition, technical surveillance counter-measures, automotive night vision, energy auditing of building insulation and many more. 

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Transportation and Security

A secure transportation system is critical to overall national security from terrorism. Groups or individuals motivated to terrorize or injure people or the economy may well have transportation facilities as a target or a tool. Most assuredly, they would have a transportation element in an overall plan of terrorism. Thus, securing the transportation system is a critical consideration in overall security planning. The transportation sector is intimately involved in the security of our society and, in many respects, will be a front-line area of focus in enhancing security. The future of transportation will be very much influenced by security considerations. Transportation requires security because it:
  • Is a critical element of the economy.
  • Is a gathering place for groups of people.
  • Has symbolic and emotional importance.
  • Provides a delivery means for people and products of terrorism.
  • Includes institutions with licensing and enforcement.
Public transportation provides a mobility service to the user, as well as producing a wide impact on the system. It should be operated in such a way as to achieve an efficient and effective transportation system. The security class consists of three aspects:
  1. Safety from crime: Staff/police presence; lighting; visible monitoring; layout; identified help points;
  2. Safety from accidents: Presence/visibility of supports; avoidance/visibility of hazards; active safeguarding by staff;
  3. Perceptions of security: Conspicuousness of safety measures; “mastery of network”; press relations.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Perimeter protection is a critical security issue for many industries today. Whether protecting critical infrastructure or commercial assets from theft, attack or sabotage, a robust perimeter security solution is a necessary first layer of defense. Physical perimeter security can be defined as systems and technologies that protect people and assets within a facility and its grounds by blocking unauthorized physical intrusions across the perimeter.

Over the past decade, advances in technology have helped increase the scope of perimeter security systems. Historically used to prevent and detect intrusions in military facilities, critical infrastructure, and other high-risk sites, perimeter security solutions are now being used in areas such as commercial and residential sites, retail spaces, transportation sites, and many other urban and remote locations. Perimeter security can include

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Artificial Intelligence and Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence exhibited by machines. From automatic self-learning systems to robots, the security industry is evolving fast, developing new strategies and tools to protect the lives of people. Physical security systems are increasingly using AI to watch people and protect high-value assets.

Recently, technologies like drones and robots equipped with onboard AI and access control systems equipped with super-human facial recognition capabilities have come to market. Meanwhile, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have also found their place in the physical security industry. Facial Recognition combined with AI is the trend in key government applications. The technology is expected to scan the faces of all the people within the examining space and analyze for any suspicious activities or criminals that could pose a danger and alert the officials for action. The AI powered by voice biometrics will lead remote authorization. Even though the technology is in a conceptual stage, the success of the voice biometrics so far compels to believe that the future of remote authorization will be automated powered by AI and biometrics. Integration of AI with biometric technology is observed for mass surveillance and remote authentication in the public and commercial sector respectively. The technology looks promising to be deployed.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Ways to Protect Your Business from Employee Theft

  • A video surveillance system helps deter employees as well as catch theft after it happens. Be sure to include cameras in storage rooms and loading areas as well as in the store. Use high-definition video so you can clearly identify employees and transactions along with allowing integration with facial recognition software.
  • Develop a purchase policy that specifies how employee purchases are to be processed. Employees should not be allowed to process their own sales.
  • Employees sometimes falsify records or perform actions that result in receipt of payment for work they didn’t do. Some employees request reimbursement of travel or other expenses unrelated to work. To avoid this perform cash, payroll and computer usage audits. The payroll should be periodically audited for irregularities by external auditors.
  • All cash book entries should be checked against cash on hand at the end of each day. Develop strong audit controls and inventory all supplies, equipment and merchandise regularly.
  • Your product inventory should also be tracked and counted (inventoried). In particular, keep closer track of high-value items and document disposal of all obsolete, damaged, or low-selling merchandise.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Retail Security

Retail security is a very specific type of service provision, as it operates within an environment that poses a wide range of challenges. Organized retail crime is a serious issue for large and small retailers nationwide. A retail security officer’s main job is to keep a watchful eye on stock, staff and the customers particularly customers that have a talent for nicking stuff. In retail stores, security guards protect people, records, merchandise, money, and equipment. They may work with undercover store detectives to prevent theft by customers or employees, detain shoplifting suspects until the police arrive, or patrol parking lots.

PLN9 offers a complete Retail Protection Package comprising of highly trained in retail security and highly visible - our uniformed officers provide full security cover wherever it's needed. Not just in identifying and observing known or potential shoplifters and vandals, but also for cash escorts, staff searches and warehouse delivery checks.