Friday, 24 February 2017

Physical Security & Protective services for Shopping Centers And Malls:

PLN9 Security Services can offer a highly experienced team that can give you a customized security program to match your needs and your budget. There is no other security program that is more comprehensive and more committed to your needs than PLN9 – we treat our clients and community relations as our top priority when it comes to ensuring shopping center security.
Our skilled security personnel are not only trained to ensure your safety, they also have the experience and the necessary Social Skills required for them to perform their job well… Because at PLN9. If it’s worth doing, then it’s worth doing well.
Our officers will take the time to know your tenants, their employees, and even their clientele. They have the analytic skills to help monitor and maintain safety in the establishment. With PLN9, you can rest assured that all your security concerns in keeping a safe shopping environment are professionally handled.
Some of the services that PLN9 offers for shopping centers include on site security guards, a 24-hour dispatch center, 24-hour random patrols, 24-hour patrol, and parking enforcement teams. We also provide other shopping center Security services such as towing violating vehicles, towing abandoned or inoperable vehicles within the shopping center’s premises, as well as parking sign installation and maintenance.
To ensure safety, we make sure that a team is present at the shopping center either by foot, in bike patrols, or in marked vehicles should the need take place.
PLN9 can provide you with outstanding service in preventing crimes from happening in your establishment. When you choose PLN9 Executive Security to provide your security needs, you are guaranteed to receive nothing less than highly trained and motivated security personnel.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Temple Safety & Security

Not all crimes targeting Hindu temples are hate crimes. If a temple is targeted for theft and vandalism, and there is no evidence suggesting that the crime was motivated by an anti-Hindu bias, then the crimes are not treated as hate crimes. For example, the 2014 vandalism of the Vishwa Bhavan Hindu Mandir in Monroe, Georgia was not prosecuted as a hate crime because the perpetrators had also targeted a nearby church and parking lot, and as such, there was no evidence that they were motivated by any anti-Hindu animus.
If your temple is targeted for a hate crime or a hate incident, it is important to report the incident immediately. While the temptation to ignore minor vandalism is significant, it is essential that all incidents, no matter how minor, are reported. Law enforcement cannot respond to crimes unless they have a full record of all the incidents that have occurred.
A temple primarily serves a religious function, but also exists as a community entity. As such, one of the most vital roles of a temple leader is to maintain strong relations with the local community.
Community engagement and outreach is critical for all temples. Temples must seek to maintain a connection with the communities that they stand in, including with local residents and interfaith leaders. Temples can maintain such connections through:
• Keeping temple events open to individuals of all faiths and traditions
• Encouraging local community members to attend temple events
• Being respectful of local noise and nuisance ordinances
• Maintaining a tradition of seva or service in the local community

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A Physical Security Audit

A Physical Security Audit is designed to help a client to accurately determine the best mix of products and systems to optimally enhance the client’s physical security situation. This audit consists of inspecting the client’s site, premises and existing Physical Security systems to identify shortfalls, with an eye to finding solutions to remedy vulnerabilities.
Before conducting such an audit, the Physical Security Auditor should first assess the level of 6 specific threats to the client, in order to frame their subsequent recommendations in the correct, most effective context. This context maximizes the auditor’s chances of identifying the most real and pressing vulnerabilities to the client in their actual priority, and coming up with the right solutions.
Here are the 6 threats to be considered:
1- Nature
2- Location
3- Building Condition
4- Infrastructure
5- Human Resources
6- Budget
By taking these 6 threats into account before beginning the audit, the auditor will be in the right frame of mind to do the Physical Security Assessment accurately, and in line with Physical and economic reality. Having such context improves the chances of the client being receptive to the results, and the solutions derived from the audit being effective and appropriate.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Personal Safety for Women

Security and safety has become an issue of importance for everyone especially for women. Concerned about the rise in violent crimes including muggings, sexual assaults and domestic violence.7 things every woman should know about security and safety and are covered in Security and Safety courses.
1. Personal Awareness
Most people think of knees to the groin and Bruce Lee moves when they hear the term 'self defense'. However, true self defense begins long before any actual physical contact starts. The first, and probably the most important, part of self defense is personal awareness. Awareness of yourself, your surroundings, and any potential threat or danger.
2. Woman's Intuition
Women's intuition, deja-vous, sixth sense, instincts. Whatever you want to call it, your intuition will invariably help you subconsciously 'feel' good or bad about a situation or person. All of us, but especially women, have this intuitive feeling but very few of us pay attention to it.
3. Self defense training
It is important to evaluate the practical usefulness of any woman's self defense programmed before you sign up. Here are 3 tips:
a) Many women's self defense programmers teach variations on martial arts techniques.
b) The self defense programme you choose should include simulated assaults with a fully padded instructor who will put you through realistic rape and attack scenarios thus allowing you to practice the simple techniques you've learned.
c) If you really want to see if your proposed self defense instructor is up to the job - see if their courses are recommended by your local Police.
4). Avoiding bogus callers.
Criminals will use every trick in the book to gain access to your home, whether out or in. Never open your door unless you either are certain you know who's on the other side or you can verify that they have a legitimate reason for being there. Bogus callers may resort to dressing up - from everything from a repair person from the Gas Board to a Police Officer checking you home security. If in doubt, check them out. Ask them for identification and call their boss to make doubly sure that they are not bogus callers.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Security Robots

In future where robots will keep Companies safe,will take security into their own hands by investing in wheeled machines that patrol streets, sidewalks and schools — instantly alerting residents via a mobile app of intruders or criminal behavior. It’s going to turn the security guard and security industry into super humans.
Here's why several companies are apparently considering hiring the security robot, despite its strange appearance. It patrols your grounds continuously, no need for sitting down or going outside to smoke. It's a "physically commanding presence," warding off intruders and no-gooders. With sensors and lasers, Robots build a three-dimensional map of their environment that lets them navigate without bumping into anything. Every couple of hours, they find their charging pad and top off their energy during a "coffee break,"
It is the world of Security, though, where the potential and pitfalls of robotics are perhaps most apparent. Already, corporates are using robots to patrol parking lots — keeping an eye on cars and acting as a deterrent against speeding drivers. Others are serving as roving security cameras that can roll to possible trouble spots in sprawling corporate campuses.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Off-Site Event Security

An off-site event is an opportunity for your security team to really shine – or really not. The best way to avoid pitfalls and ensure a safe, secure and successful event is to follow a proven event security formula.
Assembly and coordination with facility security management is a standard element of the intelligence gathering process that should inform the overall strategy and approach. In addition to culture the facility rules and regulations, security must study the facility floor plan and identify entry/exits, stairways and other access points. A location for the security control center must be selected, and control center equipment requisitioned, if applicable. The parking lot should also be assessed to determine the need for additional lighting or security escorts.
The proceed team should gather details about the area surrounding the venue, including locations of the closest police station, airport, etc. Nearby medical facilities should be identified, although medical response and transport should always be coordinated with venue security. Many venues have established protocols with respect to medical situations, and some even have paramedics on staff. Security agents must be respectful of the venue's medical incident protocols while working with venue security to resolve medical situations in a cooperative spirit.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Canine Security

It has been proven time and again that dogs are one of man’s best friends. These days, dogs are becoming more useful to man beyond being pets and hunting. Today, special dogs have taken up the duty of security and personal protection and these dogs are called “Guard Dogs.”Before explaining the roles and tactical applications of Guard dogs in security situations, there is need to first define what a guard dog is. 
what is a guard dog?
A guard dog, also known as a watch dog or attack dog is a dog that is specially train to serve as a sentinel and also attack intruders that trespass within its set territory.there are watch dogs and there are attack dogs; but both of them are guard dogs. #Watchdogs are specially trained to keep watch over a given area and bark strongly at the sight of any intruder or strange object. They do not attack the intruder. Attack dogs on the other hand do more than bark at intruders – they attack.
No every dog is a guard dog by default. You need to #train them extensively and socialize them in order to turn them into #ReliableGuards.
10 Roles and Duties of Guard Dogs:
1- To guard properties in the presence or absence of the owner
2- Personal protection of lives
3- To attack and defend you during violent confrontations
4- To sniff and detect substances such as drugs, guns, etc.
5- Chasing after criminals on the run
6- For tracking and trailing purposes
7- To disperse riots and for crowd control
8- To guard livestock such as poultry and keep them within the stipulated perimeter
9- To carry medical supplies in war zones
10-To pull wounded soldiers out of battle scenes