Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Depending on their areas of expertise, there are different types of security guards who can help both public and private entities and individuals.

Following are the types of security guards and their responsibilities.

1. PERSONAL SECURITY GUARDS: These guards are hired with an eye towards providing fool- proof physical security for their employers ranging from dignitaries to VIPS and celebrities.
2. ARMED SECURITY GUARDS: These guards are armed and are employed in situations where life and property are at stake and their duties include: detecting threats of violence, possessing licensed weapons with appropriate fire-arm training and taking complete responsibility of client safety.
3. BUSINESS SECURITY GUARDS: These security guards safeguard corporate assets, technological innovations and proprietary business formulas in businesses, shopping malls, factories, hospitals and private organisations.
4. RESIDENTIAL SECURITY GUARDS: These guards are responsible for the safety of residential buildings like apartments, convalescent homes for the elderly and other residential areas. Their responsibilities include: Patrol the area and detect criminal behaviour and be friendly towards residents.
5. IMPORTANCE OF OUTSOURCING SECURITY SERVICE: Whether you are looking to hire short-term or long-term security personnel, outsourcing will greatly benefit your business by cutting costs, minimizing risk, alleviating administration burdens, and increasing flexibility.

Monday, 22 August 2016

Top Qualities of an Excellent ‪Security Guard:

Security services‬ are some of the most important elements of a successful business operation. Security personnel are hired to help keep people and the premises safe and maintain peace and order.They are also often hired to serve as personal escorts and safety officers. Before hiring someone with whom you will entrust the Safety And Security‬ of your property or those of your loved ones, look carefully at their qualifications. Here are the top qualities of an excellent Security Guard‬:
1. ‪‎Training‬- The best security guards are those who have undergone the necessary training that will help them obtain important skills and knowledge that will be critical to how well they can perform their job. They should also hold the required certification and license necessary for them to do their job.
2. ‪‎Experience‬- An experienced security guard has the background and knowledge that he or she can apply on the job. This means that he or she can hit the ground running, so to speak. Trained and experienced security guards know what to do and why.
3. Honesty‬- One of the best and most important qualities of an excellent security guard is honesty. Someone who is reliable can be trusted, which means that letting them take charge eliminates any worries regarding security breaches, inside jobs or confidential information.
4. Commonsense‬- Although security guards must follow certain rules and policies, they should have enough common sense to know exactly how and when to work around an issue, especially if it presents a potential risk to their client.
5. Ability‬ to lead and to follow- Another important quality of an excellent security guard is his or her leadership ability. Many times, the security personnel are expected to work with a team, which means they have to know when to take charge. Where the safety of the client is at risk, the security personnel must know how and when to impose the necessary practices for the common good.A security guard must also know how to abide by the rules,particularly those set up by their client. There are instances, however,when these rules need to be modified in order to ensure that the clients kept safe or that legal requirements are met.
6. Communication Skills- An excellent security guard must be able to communicate well, not just with the client but with other people the client works or is involved with on a day-to-day basis.
7. Physical Fitness‬- The best security guards are those that are healthy, nimble and physically reliable, able to defend himself/herself and the client if and when necessary.Value for human life An excellent security guard puts value on human life above all. In this type of job, strong concern for others is critical, allowing the guard to work at his or her best.
8. Ability to think on his /her feet- An excellent security guard must be quick thinking and able to come up with good solution within a short time frame. This Quality‬ is especially important during emergency situations

PLN9 Training Division

PLN9 Training Division is committed to human resource development by providing relevant and appropriate training to each employee to achieve a high degree of end user satisfaction.
Our team of instructors enjoys sound security back ground as each member has extensive practical experience in the field of security. We are totally committed to train our staff and security guards to cater to the requirements of our clients. We are sanguine that training directly impacts on the behavior and performance of our in house staff. We understand how important it is to our clients that we demonstrate a real understanding of business issues, and that any solutions. We offer be practical, cost effective and designed to make a real, measurable improvement in their work place.
We deal with people, their development, their business and above all their success. Meeting this challenge requires some exceptional people. We are confident of the excellence of our training team. As a new company looking forward to exponential growth, we have a very talented and flexible team of training professionals and staff. Besides this, we have on board a team of highly learned and renowned academicians and professionals, whose valuable advice affords us an edge over the others. We have standard training programme and also have the flexibility to customize the modules to meet clients’ specific requirements, ensuring economy and effectiveness.
We specialize in providing training and consultation to our clients in the following areas:-
  • Security related training, development and consultancy
  • Risk management consultancy
  • Management and business skills development

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Security Zones and Risk Mitigation Control

Security zones and risk mitigation control measures provide direction on achieving a consistent approach to determining physical security controls in agency facilities.
These strategy cover:
·         risk mitigation and assurance measures
·         security zones
·         individual physical security control elements including:
o    building construction
o    security alarm systems
o    access control systems
o    visitor control
o    guards and receptionists
o    locks and door hardware
o    Closed-circuit television (CCTV)
o    perimeter access control
o    security containers and cabinets
o    security rooms, strong rooms and vaults
o    mailrooms
o    technical surveillance countermeasures and audio security
·         Physical security elements in administrative security.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

New Technology Equipment of Security:

Most people consider their Security‬ system as a long term investment. With the new technology that has become available, security systems are much more than home alarms.
A turnstile, also called a baffle gate or turn style, is a form of gate which allows one person to pass at a time. It can also be made so as to enforce one-way traffic of people, and in addition, it can restrict passage only to people who insert a coin, a ticket, a pass, or similar. Thus a turnstile can be used in the case of paid access (sometimes called a fare gate or ticket barrier when used for this purpose), for example to access public transport, a pay toilet, or to restrict access to authorized people, for example in the lobby of an office building.
Turnstiles are used at a wide variety of settings, including stadiums, amusement parks, mass transit stations, office lobbies, airports, ski resorts, and casinos.
From a business/revenue standpoint, turnstiles give an accurate, verifiable count of attendance. From a security standpoint, they lead patrons to enter single-file, so security personnel have a clear view of each patron. This enables security to efficiently isolate potential trouble or to confiscate any prohibited materials. On the other hand, physical barriers become a serious safety issue when a speedy evacuation is needed, requiring emergency exits that bypass any Turnstiles‬.

Security‬ Solutions

PLN9 Security‬ Solutions has a strong nationwide presence and regional presence across the country. We have a team of professionally trained security personnel securing an impressive clientele which includes diplomatic missions, IT Industry, Multinational Companies, Hotels, Industrial Units, Financial & Educational Institutions, Malls & Multiplexes, BPOs and many more. 
PLN9 provides smartly uniformed, professionally trained and well-supervised Security Officers‬ who are responsible for Security and safety‬ of assets, personnel and property against loss due to theft, pilferage, intrusion, fire, or an accident.
We understand the sensitivity of security business and the importance of providing professional and specialized expertise in accordance with the requirement and to the utmost satisfaction of the client.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

PLN9 Soft Skills Training Module

Some of PLN9 comprehensive soft skills training module includes:
• Leadership Skills
• Stress and time management
• Emotional intelligence
• Image, Anger and conflict management
• Email and Business Etiquette
• Presentation, Communication and Interviewing Skills
• Team Building and motivation
• Decision making and negotiation skills
• Problem solving & goal setting
In any organization, be it large or small good soft skills are an important part for the success of an organization. Soft skills are also very intrinsically related to the confidence of an individual as it helps nurture self-esteem, master the mind, manage change, and drive people to success, which is crucial in today’s fast paced competitive world.